Art that tells a story.

Bring a unique narrative to life in your own home through art influenced by culture, history, and the lives of real people that will never go out of style. Award-winning artist and teacher Penny Nichols has made her art available throughout the world in the form of original paintings and giclee prints. Whether it’s a still life scene or a timeless Hawaiian landscape to hang in your beach-side vacation rental, explore the Penny Nichols shop to find the right piece for you.

Portraits, Landscapes, and Giclee Prints.

Choose from a variety of options and customize to your liking! Penny Nichols’ giclee prints allow you to choose between a paper or canvas print, whether your print comes matted, rolled in a tube, or on a canvas ready to hang in your home. The best artwork tells a story. Here you have a say in how that story is shared with others.

A journey to self-discovery.

Penny Nichols started creating as a child growing up in Waikiki when Hawai’i was a territory. Years later she returned to the world of art as a kind of therapy. She decided to start teaching art in her modest studio, where she quickly amassed a group of adult students. In the year 2000, she started teaching at Island School. During this time she was creating less yet growing more as a person.

Her experience as a teacher has helped mold her into the artist she is today - growth-focused and concept-driven to create art with a deep purpose that portrays the culture and atmosphere unique to the people of Hawai’i through the strokes of a paintbrush. Art that tells a story. Art that withstands the tests of time.

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